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Thomax Price List.




Domestic properties from.


1 Bedroom Apt        U/F S/F    £90.00     F/F  £96.00


2 Bedroom  House   U/F S/F   £105.00   F/F  £115.00


3 Bedroom  House   U/F S/F   £120.00   F/F  £130.00


4 Bedroom House   U/F S/F    £135.00   F/F  £145.00


5 Bedroom House   U/F S/F   £155.00   F/F  £165.00


6 Bedroom House   U/F SF   £175.00    F/F  £185.00


7 Bedroom House  U/F S/F   £195.00    F/F  £205.00


8 Bedroom House  U/F S/F   £225.00    F/F  £235.00


9 Bedroom House  U/F S/F  £255.00    F/F  £265.00  







Prices are for properties in standard condition.

U/F & S/F - unfurnished or semi furnished.

F/F - fully furnished.




A full detailed breakdown for the landlord’s, tenants or owners convenience of the property completed on request.




Domestic rubbish removed from inside of property.




All cleaning materials supplied by Thomax no charge.


Oven solutions may be charged in some cases.


Unfurnished properties priced with no extra charge.

Semi furnished properties priced with no extra charge. 

Fully furnished properties - if all furnishings cleaned, property charged under F/F prices.


Extras to any clean will be charged on hourly rates.

En suite bathrooms if more than standard to the property size.


Blinds - only wooden / Pvc cleaned.

Property scales can apply regarding different sizes.


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Price changes occur in accordance with the government and minimum wage increase.